Web Portal: Requesting entitlement for a specific account.

Hi everybody, 

I'm using One Identity Manager ver. 8.1. 

I'm trying to manage employees with more than one user Account on the same System (AD domain or SAP Client). I know that when an empoyee requests an entitlement, after approval it is assigned to the employee and inherited by all accounts (If IsGroupAccount is True) that the entliement can be assigned to. 

Is it possible to log on Web Portal, request an entitlement (e.g. SAP Role or AD Group) and select the specific account I want to assign the entitlement to?

I know i could use the sub-identities for other accounts and request the entitlement for them with a primary identity, but i don't want to use the sub-identities. 

Is there any built-in solution for this or do I need to develop a custom one?