Create a new account user in AD when I change the Business Role

I have a Account definitio by Businnes Role. When I create a identity with un business Role, it creates the account user in AD. I have two Businness Role and they have configurated IT Operation data for to define the container of AD.

Now, if I change the Businnes Role of the identity, I want that modify the container of the account user and move the account. Currently, it create a new user account in AD.

A greets.

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  • Some more questions.

    Does this describe your scenario and did you check the data?

    • Person A is a member of Business role A and therefore got an AD User U1 where the Account definition X is assigned in the AD User
    • Then Person A was assigned Business role B instead of Business role A and got a new AD User U2 with the same Account definition X assigned


    • Did U2 get a different SAMAccountName as U1?
    • How did you change the business role assignment? Was it in one step or how?

    The thing is, I am unable to reproduce your described scenario. It works for me all the time.