Assign account definitions in bulk


I have an account definition that is not used for all and assigned only when needed. When we get the request for the assignments it may come in bulks. Does anyone know of a way to assign them in bulk through manager? I cannot see a way and don't want to have to create a dynamic role for the assignment. I think i would need to put in another column to identify the person if I did a dynamic role.

Thank you, Lu

  • You can select multiple objects when you click on the assign to employees task for that account definition.

  • Here is a screen shot of it, I am only able to remove because all of these objects are already assigned

  • Troy,

    Thank you that helps some although we have around 80k employee records. When you get to the option on the account def to Assign to employees we still need to find each emp and select them. If we had a bulk to assign it would still take a bit of time and is painful. Do you know if or how to run account def assignment from the API or through object browser? I was hoping there was away from manager to database search for those employees using a in filter like personnelNumber in (N'123456,N'123789') then selecting all and open on new tab there would be a task option to assign account def. Thanks for taking the time and the suggestion.