Web Portal - How to Upload File and link it to an employee


I know (more or less) how to allow the upload of files when a user is logged into the web portal (I achieved it thanks the upload node in the web designer), but it seems there are no link with the person who uploaded the file, am I right? Is there any way to do that? I mean: is it possible to upload a file and link it to an identity?
I was thinking about a table which I can insert the file in and an UID_Person for example.

Last question: which courses do you suggest to improve myself about WebPortal and WebDesigner?



  • Hi Roberto

    After doing the upload, you can just update the person collection for the logged in user with the file metadata then save that collection.

    You need to ofcourse extend the Person table first to hold this metadata. For instance, this column could store the full path of the file if you want.

    Hope this helps