Auto decision

Hello Team,

I have few approval workflows which should get auto approved and few should not.

I have enabled the config param's "QER\ITShop\DecisionOnInsert", "QER\ITShop\ReuseDecision" and "QER\ITShop\AutoDecision" and disabled"QER\ITShop\Personorderednodecide".

For workflows which needs to be auto approved I have set isnoautodecision to false in pwodecisionstep and For workflows which should not auto approved I have set isnoautodecision  to true.

This solution is working only lower environments but in production it is not working and requests are getting auto approved.

I see QERworkingstep table has isnoautodecision set to false in prod while in lower environment's isnoautodecision  is set to true in QERworkingstep table.(I belive this is to root cause)

I tried updating the value to true in QERworkingstep for isnoautodecision  but getting error : Database error 50000: Changes on working table QERWorkingStep are not allowed.

Could you please help me to how I can rectify the issue?

  • The thing is, that you are not allowed to change the QERWorkingStep directly but the PWODecisionStep.

    With version 8 we introduced versioning of the decision workflows, controllable using configuration parameters. Please check those settings as well.

    From the release notes.

    Introduction and versioning of approval workflows for IT Shop requests and attestations.

    • The configuration parameters "QER\ITShop\OnWorkflowAssign" and "QER\ITShop\OnWorkflowUpdate" specify whether pending requests are reset when the approval workflow is changed.
    • The configuration parameters "QER\Attestation\OnWorkflowAssign" and "QER\Attestation\OnWorkflowUpdate" specify whether pending attestations are reset when the approval workflow is changed.

    NOTE: If you have set up your own approval procedures and have used properties from approval steps in your queries for finding approvers, modify these queries as follows:

    If you referenced the table PWODecisionStep over the column UID_PWODecisionStep until now, then change this reference to the column UID_QERWorkingStep in the table QERWorkingStep.