default schedule compliance rule check

Hi all


I am having some troubles trying to understand the full chain of events about Compliance Rule Violation.

In particular, from the Designer, I can see that the schedule “default schedule compliance rule check” is NOT linked to any “Process Plan”. And I am wondering if this is normal.

I am also a little bit confused about what is doing what. I mean, if the parameter “QER\ComplianceCheck\CalculateImmediately” is set to unabled, which is the process (or what else) that detects the violation? In other words, what is the process that fires the event “Insert” in the table “PersonInNonCompliance” that triggers the process “VI_Compliance_PersonInNonCompliance_new violation”?


I read the documentation several times, but it seems a little bit confusing to me.

Please, help

Thank you in advance.



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