Mapping Custom properties of person table to Active directory virtual attributes

Hi Experts,

I would like to save custom column values of person table to virtual attributes of active directory, how can i achieve this?

  • Using Designer, create a new column in the ADSAccount schema to store the custom column values of the Person table, you would use the template to generate the value. Then create a virtual attribute in the Synchronization Editor for that AD sync project and map the custom column you created from Designer.

  • Alternative solution 

    In Sync Editor -> Mappings on the 1IM database side create:
    Property type: Object reference
    Name: vrtFavoriteColor
    Route UID_Person.CCC_FavoriteColor
    works similar as the objectwalker in OneIM

    - No extend on ADSAccount table
    - Less work

    - More queries/slight performance impact
    - Property not visible in Manager on ADSAccount only in Sync Project

  • One more con for the alternative solution


    • There will be no update triggered on the ADSAccount to publish the property change to the AD if the property in the Person table is changed.