Request service item for anyone who are not in that shop

We have a service item in HR shop for termination. Only it can accessed by HR people . How can HR people request this item for anyone in 1IM which means for anyone who are not in that shop also?

We don't want this service item in Identity &access life cycle shop. Only a group of HR people should have access to this service item.

Is it possible?

  • To be able to request (or better be the recipient) for a service item, you need to be a member of the shop the service item is placed in.

    But you can restrict the available product in the Web Portal.

    You should be able to use the following web project configuration parameters for this.

    VI_ITShop_Filter_AccProductGroup (Displayed service categories)

    VI_ITShop_Filter_AccProduct (Products to display for a given recipient)

    Your condition needs to be changed so that it checks if the current user (you can use '%useruid%' in your query) is a member of the HR people "role" to see this specific service item / service category.

  • Thanks Markus, I changed the configuration for VI_ITShop_Filter_AccProduct (Products to display for a given recipient)  and its working. Thanks for the inputs.