Lots of tasks in dbqueue of the type QER-K-DynamicGroupSingleBasic

I wonder what is causing so many taks in our dbqueue of the type QER-K-DynamicGroupSingleBasic, we see 134 million of them

  • Was a schedule updated that is attached to one or more of your dynamic groups?

  • Hi,

    Is the config parm 'QER\Structures\DynamicGroupCheck\CalculateImmediatelyPerson' enabled?

    If it is ..... for each UPDATE on any attribute on the Person table, the system will generate a recalculation for EVERY dynamic role targeted at the person table.

    So if you have 200 dynamic roles and you update 1 attribute on 1 person you'll get 200 dynamic role calculations.

    There are enhancements coming in future versions that will allow you to be more selective about which attributes cause an immediate recalc and which roles are subject to immediate recalc.

    If you don't need immediate recalc, turn the config parm off.  The dynamic roles are recalculated every hour if using the default schedule.

    HTH, Barry.

  • Thank you Barry for your quick response! We have indeed 5k+ dyn roles. I think best is to turn of the CalculateImmediatelyPerson and use the default schedule as you suggested.