Hello all,

I need to change the URL for the IT Shop.... bit of background.. we have it behind a load balancer with 2 web servers.  I have got a new CNAME for the load balancer with the new URL, I also have a new certificate.

Where are all the places I need to change the URL in?  I have created a new QBMWebApplication... do I just need to change it in the web.config on the 2 servers? Is there anywhere else? what is the best process for doing this?

  • Hi Paul,

    Probably doesn't help much but I think you have captured all the areas, all I can say is test in a lower environment if possible (even if its using a single server). If you are using the application server then there might be changes required there also, check in the web.config. Also, try running webconfigfileeditor.exe (or somethng similarly named), have a look if the URL's show up in there somewhere.