delete (job description company,department)

Good afternoon, After implementing the system, we noticed the following problem.
1.After an employee has been dismissed,the following information about the person(company,department, job description)is not deleted from us
2.We need to delete this information, because other systems react to this.For example, bitrix.
After the employee is dismissed, the information remains (company,department, job description) and bitrix takes the information for itself.
It turns out the following.The person is dismissed, but the information about him remains in the system.The whole logic of the system breaks down.
Help, a beginner to understand))
What I tried to do
in designer, there is a table with ADD Account parameters with these fields - there is an overwrite check mark there-which is responsible for overwriting the information after the change.I tried to activate this check mark,
accept / dismiss an employee-but the fields remain

what should I do in this situation?