Custom Approval Procedure for Product Owner gives error when SQL CASE statement is used

Hi There,

We have a requirement that, if the product owner is disabled the approval for that product should go to product owner's manager. I have copied the pre-defined approval procedure(OA-Product Owner) and created a new one, in which I am customising the query for approver selection and adding SQL CASE statement which verifies if the product owner is active or not and returns UID_Person of the respective person. This query is executed successfully in object browser when hardcoded the value pwo.UID_personwantsorg, however when I add this query in new custom approval procedure I am getting an error  as below:


Object (OC - Product owner) could not be saved!

Error flushing changes to database.

Database error 50000: re-throw in Procedure QBM_PSQLCheckExecutable, Line 26

Database error 50000: detected in (SRV=SPRW026, DB=OneIM) Procedure QBM_PSQLCheckExecutable, Line 23

Database error 50000: SyntaxError in Element <Key><T>PWODecisionRuleRulerDetect</T><P>CCC-EB0B893892917D478602193B3DD7DD14</P></Key>

8155 0 detected in (SRV=SPRW026, DB=OneIM) no procedure, no Code, Line 16

Database error 8155: No column name was specified for column 1 of 'x'.

An error was raised during trigger execution. The batch has been aborted and the user transaction, if any, has been rolled back.

Below is the query which I am adding to custom product owner procedure.

select distinct


  WHEN p.IsTemporaryDeactivated=0 THEN  pia.UID_Person

  ELSE p.UID_PersonHead END,  dbo.QER_FGIPWORulerOrigin(pia.XObjectkey) as UID_PWORulerOrigin

from personwantsorg pwo 

join basetree pro on pwo.UID_Org = pro.UID_Org

join Basetree pr on pr.UID_Org = pwo.UID_ITShopOrgFinal -- the product node

join accproduct a on pr.UID_AccProduct = a.UID_AccProduct

join personinbasetree pia on pia.UID_Org = a.UID_OrgRuler 

join Person p on p.UID_Person = pia.UID_Person

and pia.XOrigin > 0

where pwo.UID_personwantsorg = @UID_personwantsorg

Appreciate your help on this.