Call stored procedure with ODBC parameters in Sync Editor

Hello community,

I have a problem with calling the stored procedure. I read data from the view of a DB2 database and to insert or update properties into the target system from One Identity side I need to call some stored procedures. I am getting the following error message every time: [System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException] ERROR [07002] [IBM][System i Access ODBC Driver]Wrong number of parameters.

To make it even harder I am implementing a code to commit changes to database and I am using ODBC data provider. I add the parameters with some extra details like direction, size, type, etc., but is not working yet.
Does someone know how to implement everything properly in Sync Editor?

Dim sql As New StringBuilder() 
Dim dp As IDbDataParameter
sql.Append("CALL USER_INSERT (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)")
							dp = cmd.CreateParameter()
							dp.ParameterName = "USER_NAME"
							dp.Value = record.GetValue(Of [String])("USER_NAME", "")
							dp.DbType = DbType.[String]
							dp.Size = record.GetValue(Of [String])("USER_NAME", "10").Length
							dp.Direction = System.Data.ParameterDirection.Input

Thank you for the answers and questions!