Hi Experts,

Recently I found an issue in prod where if workday updates name twice in a day difference,

lets say name updated from vijan to Gunawardhana then new mail is updated from sachith.vijan@********.com.** to sachith.gunawardhana@********.com.**

qbmsplittedup table cleans up the entries for adsaccount/exhremote and keeps the entries for aaduser/O3emailbox.

Post azure sync aaduser entry as well cleaned-up from qbmsplitted but o3emailbox entry remains as uid_Person is null in qbmsplittedlookup table.

So when user again changes name in Work day new mail is reserved as sachith.vijan1@********.com.** with extra 1.

Will 1IM not update uid_person for O3emailbox splittedlookup entry?

How can we rectify this issue?