Script to hash a password before provision it to the target system database

Hi everyone,

I have a target system connected through the Native Database Connector and i have to provision the password on this database. In the target system database the password is encrypted using SHA256 hex but it is not automatically done by the database, so i need to hash the password with SHA256 hex before the provisioning. 

Is it possible to build a script which hash the password and call this script before the provisioning? can you provide me a code example for the script?

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi,

    Talking 8.1.5 here, in your synch project mappings, you need to create a property mapping rule. Map your password attribute to a virtual property in the target system, lets say, hashedpassword. Double click this "hashedpassword" virtual property (right pane of the mapping editor)  and use a write script that "sha256-hashes" the received value from OneIdentity to provision it to the corresponding password field in the target system db.

    More here:

  • Thank you juancarlos, i got where to insert the script but searching online i've not found scripts which works on One Identity. I think it's a problem of libraries available for Can you provide me an example of script to hash the password?

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