Missing permissions on Submit in ITShop

When trying to submit a service item through ITShop, we are seeing the error "employee is currently not authorized to request the product <abcd>". Tried updating permissions for shoppingcartitem in designer. But it seems like i cant update. Any idea where the permissions need to be updated? This is the only service item that is having issues

Below is the exact cell where it is erroring out

"if(0 < (from ShoppingCartItem select count() where UID_ShoppingCartItemparent = (from ShoppingCartItem select current UID_ShoppingCartItem) and (isnullorempty(checkstatus,"OK")<>'OK'))
and from ShoppingCartItem select current isnullorempty(checkstatus,"OK")='OK'
translate("#LDS#See dependent requests.")
from shoppingcartitem select current displayvalue(checkstatus)"

Any input is appreciated. TIA