Processes do not start despite triggered events


i'm using version 8.1.1.

Since few days, all processes (both OOTB and custom) do not start.

Instead, the processes start when I generate the events using the task in the ObjectBrowser tool.

I paste here an example of the JobService logs:

2022-05-23 06:40:15 +02:00 - Warning: There is no process assembly for table TABLENAME (triggering event EVENTNAME).
2022-05-23 06:40:15 +02:00 - \QUEUE - VI.JobService.JobComponents.HandleObjectComponent - 59FA2C9F-8200-4456-8A23-5E645F1D1791: Successful
    The event EVENTNAME was triggered for 1 object(s) of type TABLENAME.

Could it be due to some inconsistency between entries in DialogScriptAssmebly table and files in AssemblyCache folder?