How to grant Edit permissions on DialogDatabase to the QBM_Baseright group


In 8.2.x I need to grant edit permissions on the DialogDatabase table to the QBM_Baseright group , but using Designer I'm unable to do so. The Add permissions button is disabled. 

Any advice?

  • You cannot add permissions to ootb permission groups.

    Just out of curiosity, why do you need additional permissions on DialogDatabase?

  • Hi, Markus,

    I'm using our corporate account as my personal account has been (this, for the third time) locked again.

    Thansk for replying. We have a custom QER_PasswordWeb_Session module that allows the end user to get a temporary pin code using either the secondary email address, mobile (sms) or telegram (chat). To achieve that we needed to send an event to the DialogDatabase table. 

    In 8.2 the edit permission on that table has been removed from any group. We've been able to find a workaround by creating a custom table. Now it works and we'll leave default objects as they are.


  • HI Juan Carlos,

    that's weird with your account. I am unable to pull some strings here but you may want to contact your Customer / Partner contact and ask if they are able to escalate this issue.

    The edit permissions have been removed for everybody due to an security audit. You can add this permission to a custom permission group if you need it to fire events.