Using Active Roles for deprovisioning

Is it possible to start a user deprovisioning in Active Roles from Syncronization Process? How I can do that? Setting a virtual attribute for example?


  • Do you mean in an adhoc job to Active Roles from Identity Manager or synchronizing from Active Roles to Identity Manager? A user can be deprovisioned using Identity Manager when using Active Roles as a target system if you have that target system setup in the Synchronization Editor. If a user is deprovisioned in Active Roles and you perform a synchronization to Identity Manager then we would see that attribute and kick off the process to perform the same actions for the user in Identity Manager side of things.

  • Hello Troy. Thank you for answering.

    Using powershell I'm able to do the command DeprovisionUser. There is something like that in OneId/ARS integration.
    I want just to trigger ARS Deprovisioning for dome users.

    For example: in an external db the user is flagged as to deprovision. OneID read that information from db and trigger the deprovision to ARS. ARS removes group, moves the user, change password, etc. Oneid to nothing but the trigger.