Remote Connect Plugin not working, keeps the OneIdentityService from starting after GC change


In v8.1.3 we're using the remote connect plugin in our jobservers to handle des/encryption tasks.

Recently we've changed the GC in our local domain (2012) and we've noticed that no jobserver will ever start again. The following message is shown in the log:

[821049] Error starting One Identity Manager Service.
[821061] Error starting plugin 'Remote Connect Plugin'.
[System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryObjectNotFoundException] Global catalog not found in forest "XXXXX".<x>

We've tried reinstalling the plugin, changing the dns configuration of the server unsuccessfuly.To keep operations normal we've temporary removed the plugin from our servers, but will need it back eventually if we want to , for instance, make modifications in our sync projects.

Any ideas?