ADSOtherSID records added for existing adsaccounts

Hello guys.

We have some ADSOtherSID and ADSOtherSIDInADSGroup added now and then.

At the same time we have the same ADSAccount records with the exactly the same SID. The ADSAccount is not marked for deletion it has no related frozen processed and absolutely ok at a first glance. But some of ADSGroups are assigned to the ADSOtherSID instead of the ADSAccount.

If I understand correctly the ADSOtherSID appears if a synchronization process finds an AD object in some AD group but it's unable to find the corresponding ADSAccount. And I expected that after the AD user was added to the ADSAccount the ADSOtherSID should be deleted by the ADS_ADSDomain_Maintain ADSOtherSID_PostSync process.

But it doesn't work.

I tried to remove one of the ADSOtherSID and the corresponding ADSOtherSIDInADSGroup records and after the syncronization of the ADSOtherSID and the ADSOtherSIDInADSGroup appeared again. While I expected groups to be assigned to ADSAccount.

Any ideas?