Web designer - validation property - condition format - ExitDate attribute

Hi all,

I want to restrict the accepted dates for the ExitDate attribute of the object Person that a user can edit from the Web Portal: from the edit user page, a manger must be able to update this field with a date not exceeding 1 year from the moment of the operation.

In the project configuration I have added a validation property to the ExitDate attribute, but I can't figure out what I have to put in the condition field:

- what values ​​do I have in input?

- what script language should I use?

- what type of data should I return?

I couldn't find any of this in the documentation.

I'm using One Identity Manager 8.1.4.

Please, if anyone can help me, maybe even with an example.


  • Try the Formatting script for such restrictions. To see how to write it look at defaultemailaddress.

  • Module: VI_Employee_Edit
    Click on Settings and select: Organizational attributes

    Select "ExitDate" set "Minimum character count" = 1

    Right click "ExitDate" add "Parameter"
    Identifier: "MinDate"
    Value: getdate()

    Right click "ExitDate" add "Parameter"
    Identifier: "MaxDate"
    Value: addmonths(getdate(),12)

    End results looks like this:
    Object Browser
    Select CustomConfiguration From DialogEADS where FileName = 'VI_Employee_Edit'

       <ConfigEntry ScriptItemUID="CCCConfigEntry2" Key="VI_Employee_MasterData_OrganizationalAttributes" Type="ConfigEntryObjects" ObjectType="ColumnList">
                   <SingleColumn DataColumn="UID_ProfitCenter" ScriptItemUID="CCCSingleColumn9" />
                   <SingleColumn DataColumn="UID_Department" ScriptItemUID="CCCSingleColumn11" />
                   <SingleColumn DataColumn="IsExternal" ScriptItemUID="CCCSingleColumn12" />
                   <SingleColumn DataColumn="EmployeeType" ScriptItemUID="CCCSingleColumn13" />
                   <SingleColumn DataColumn="EntryDate" ScriptItemUID="CCCSingleColumn14" />
                   <SingleColumn DataColumn="ExitDate" ScriptItemUID="CCCSingleColumn15" MinLength="1">
                      <ParameterFree Name=""MinDate"" Value="getdate()" ScriptItemUID="CCCParameterFree3" />
                      <ParameterFree Name=""MaxDate"" Value="addmonths(getdate(),12)" ScriptItemUID="CCCParameterFree4" />

  • Thanks for your suggestion.

    I know I can implement this check in the formatting script, but so this would apply to every update, regardless of the sources.

    What we want is a check only on the updates made by the web portal, while any changes from the Manager console should be accepted.

  • Hi Niels,

    I tried your suggestion, but although the final code is the same, it hasn't changed the behavior of the web portal: it still doesn't restrict the available dates or check the date entered.

    I think we need to define a validation condition too, right?