XIsIneffect can not be updated in UNSaccountBinUNSGroupB

Hi guys,

We are facing a strange issue while inserting new row in UNSaccountBinUNSGroupB.

Running the following code, we get an error related to XIsIneffect:

Dim dbUNSAccountBInGroupB  AS ISingleObbject =Connection.CreateSingle("UNSAccountBInGroupB")

dbUNSAccountBInGroupB.PutValue("UID_UNSAccountB", uid_UNSAccountB)

dbUNSAccountBInGroupB.PutValue("UID_GroupB", uid_UNSGroupB)

dbUNSAccountBInGroupB.PutValue("XIsInEffect", 1)


where uid_UNSAccountB, uns_UNSGroupB are the Uid of account and groups.

We are able to valorize thw two UIDs, but when the code try to update XIsInEffect column raises the following expection:

User accounts: assignments to groups: Write permission denied for valuie "Assignment in effect"

The number of the error displayed inside the exception is 810025

Seems that there is an issue with wirte permission, but we can update UIDs ciolumn without any problems.

Could you guys help us out?

Version 8.1.4