Error synchronizing data between the One Identity Manager database and Microsoft Exchange


We are setting up a syncronization between the One Identity Manager database and Microsoft Exchange. The One Identity Manager database and Microsoft Exchane are in different Domains. There is already a working synchronization between One Identity Manager database and Active Directory in this domain.

When we are testing a connection to a Microsoft Exchange server we are getting the following error message in Synchronization Editor:

"List might not contain all domains of the Microsoft Exchange organization because there was an error reading the topology. Error [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryObjectNotFoundException ] The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted.'

  • The Active Directory forest is declared in One Identity Manager.
  • Synchronization of the Active Directory system is carried out regularly.
  • Explicit Active Directory domain trusts are declared in One Identity Manager (But the Trusting domain is marked as outstanding)

There is no Implicit two-way trusts between domains. Is that mandatory, and is that the reason why we get this error message ?

With Regards

Stig Hylen