deferred deletion of ADS containers stalled


I'm trying to provision a hierarchical structure of OUs to AD. One of the problems I have is that in OIM I've created, at the same hierarchical level, multiple OUs with the same name. This seems to be allowed in OIM, but not allowed in AD; and this triggers an error when provisioning with the standard AD connector.

I'm now trying to delete the OUs in OIM ADS. The deletion is deferred, as this is how OIM is configured. I'm trying to manually start the deletion in the deferred operations list, but is not working - after few minutes, all of the deferred operations are marked as overdue (red). I don't see any errors, neither in OIM, nor in Job Queue. In Job Queue I see the processes being created with 'Execution status' = 'TRUE', but are not moving to 'LOADED' or 'PROCESSING'. I've also tried re-enabling the deferred operations in OIM, but this only adds another set of processes in Job Queue, with the same status.

What am I missing, how can I move forward with deleting these OUs from OIM ADS?

PS Using OIM 8.1.5.

Thanks in advance for your help,