Forms in Manager, .vif files and components.


A few days ago I created a post here which was solved (thanks  !!) but  opened a new path of investigation nevertheless. The base for this is our ServiceDesk wants access to the Manager app but a quite light version of it. So that's our goal now. We could provide this service via the web portal, but first, this has been customized for end users and , second, we do not want to put much effort on the web portal while we're focusing on the html5 + Angular version of it. 

For 8.2x (and prior) the documentation states that if you need to create your own form templates, "(...) you can provide your own form templates in a form archive (*.Forms.vif)". Following this and my research after that post, some questions arise:

  • How can I create .vif files? Is there any tool or tools provided?
  • Where could I get the list of components for the QER.Forms.vif file? I know they differ from the components in Common.forms.vif . For instance, the component TreeComboBoxUIDDepartment is present in QER.Forms but not in Common.Forms.

Thanks !