Entitlements view in Web Portal in 8.2.1 version

Hello Experts,

We have ran into an issue after upgrading to version 8.2.1 of Identity Manager with Entitlements page in Web Portal. Prior to an upgrade, navigating to Entitlements page from searching for a user -> Entitlements, we would be able to see the following entitlement objects: Account definition, AD group, Application role, Business Role, Cost Center, Department, Group, Location, SAP role and Subscribable reports. However, after an upgrade, we have noticed that AD group and SAP role are no longer possible options and do not display under Entitlements view. See a screenshot below which shows available object types in 8.2.1 version:


Versus, in prior to the upgrade these were the available object types:


My questions are:

1) Can AD group and SAP role be added to Entitlements? And if so, what is the trick to do so?

2) If they can't be added, what is the reason for their removal from Entitlements?