SAPHR Synchronization Editor LOG Error [810235] Could not delete object from Person because there are still objects assigned


Currently we are using version 8.1.3.

Once in a while the client team review the log of the synchronization  project "SAPHR" (CSV File import).

The log contains a few error messages regarding Synchronization step "Person".

Usually the reason for error is correct and solved manually by deleting the account so the next daily sync run deletes the identity. The issue will is solved.

In the past year we noticed the same error messages for identities where NO objects assigned in property UID_Person of ADSAccount. (account was deleted 2 weeks before and the error message is still in the daily log)

Whats the cause of this message? there are no accounts/entitlements or any other objects assinged to this deactivated identity

Checked related tables TSBAccountDef, PersonHasTSBAccountDef, ADSAccountinADSGroup etc. 

What else could we check? Many thanks for any advice.

Message example synthetic data 


Object state Loaded
Synchronization step Person
Object P. Honelkamdye (<Key><T>Person</T><P>1rtrd075-a254-49ffgt7-b21a-057tr94352d7</P></Key>)
Reason for error [810306] Error during execution of 'OnSaved' in logic module 'VI.DB.Entities.ReferentialIntegrityLogic'.
[810045] Cannot remove connection to P. Honelkamdye (relation QER_494).
[810391] Error flushing changes to database.
[810338] There is at least one object in Active Directory user accounts whose property Employee references this object from Employees.
[810023] Error during execution of statement: delete from Person where (Person.UID_Person in ('1rtrd075-a254-49ffgt7-b21a-057tr94352d7'))
[810235] Could not delete object from Person because there are still objects assigned in property UID_Person of ADSAccount (rule ADS_767).