Sync project CSV connector export from PersonHasEset

I have created a sync project for CSV connector to export records from PersonHasEset. 

I want to export all memberships from roles with name starting with Finance*

This works but i would like the export to only export the UID_Person on one line with all the matching roles. 

Example how it looks now:
dwwd2422-2312-4313-dewr-312451512ds2,Finance Department A
dwwd2422-2312-4313-dewr-312451512ds2,Finance Department B
dwwd2422-2312-4313-dewr-312451512ds2,Finance Purchase
fjiwdkw2-dfr3-4325-grdq-5643hgfds431,Finance Department B
fjiwdkw2-dfr3-4325-grdq-5643hgfds431,Finance Rep

I want it to be like this:
dwwd2422-2312-4313-dewr-312451512ds2, Finance Department A, Finance Department B,Finance Purchase
fjiwdkw2-dfr3-4325-grdq-5643hgfds431,Finance Department B,Finance Rep

How can i create one row for each UID_Person instead of multiple?

Version 9