Full Text Index in Designer.exe


Every time when I start the Designer.exe the full text index is lost and need to be rebuilt. How can I keep the index so that it must be only updated instead of created?

Does anybody have an idea?



  • Hi René,

    have you allowed the Designer application database settings to save the database locally? (Database-> Settings -> Tab "Application" -> Designer database settings)?



  • Hi Tino,

    Thank you for the tip. Yes, I have enabled the option and additionally, I have conducted a test by saving the location of the database to a separate directory (D:\temp\LocalDatabaseDesigner).

    I noticed that upon starting the Designer, a file was created there with the name: Designer_TC5SAPc1qoBOSOCmNNPkH0tIVmbXYc.db with an initial size of 24,256 KB. Then, I updated the index, which as we know, always takes a few minutes.

    The file was much larger afterwards, at 2,483,584 KB, but only after I closed the Designer, which is probably due to the indexed data.

    When I restart the Designer and open the drop-down menu in the search, I do have the option “Update Index”. However, if I ignore this and simply search for the word “test”, I get the message “Initializing Full Text Search” in a modal popup window, and it takes as long as if the previously created index is no longer valid or can no longer be used.

    In the past, it was the case that the index was sometimes not up-to-date, but you could then simply and quickly update the index with “Update Index”. Since v8.2 and still with v9.2, the option “Update Index” is no longer available when restarting the Designer, as if the Designer does not recognize the old index.

    My expectation would be that if an index is stored in the local database, this index should be used when the Designer is restarted. If I then cannot find a script or something similar that I just created, I can quickly update the index myself.

    Are we the only ones experiencing this problem?



  • Hi René,

    yes the index is recreated every time. But usually this is done in a few seconds because its a local operation on the SQLite database.

    Can you please check the following?

    1. Is there any network traffic for the Designer in the Task-Manager when the modal popup windows is shown in the Designer? If so, the Designer completes the SQLite data and this can be slow.

    2. Run "SELECT name, SUM(pgsize) table_size FROM dbstat GROUP BY name ORDER BY table_size desc" in the "Datatbase->Run SQL-Editor. Are there an huge tables that will explain such a long processing time?


  • I checked the Designer code.

    The reason for the busy time. The Designer has to load the text columns that are marked with IsBlobExternal = 1. And that can be a lot of data.

    But yes. Recreating the index only if its really required is an option for optimization.


  • I see, we do have many tables, but when I look with the tool DB Visualizer into the SQLite Database, I can see, that there are only Designer relevant database tables. My Database is 9 GB and named: Designer_TC5SAPc1qoBOSOCmNNPkH0tIVmbXYc.db.

    Hereafter the top tables in the SQLite Database:

    FullTextIndex_content 7097286656
    FullTextIndex_segments 1052114944
    DialogMultiLanguage 228982784
    FullTextIndex_docsize 132710400
    QBMTaggedChange 52822016
    sqlite_autoindex_DialogMultiLanguage_1 31916032
    DialogColumnGroupRight 28180480
    XIEC001DialogMultiLanguage 24510464
    DialogReport 21364736
    JobRunParameter 11272192
    sqlite_autoindex_DialogColumnGroupRight_1 8454144
    DialogUserConfiguration 7471104
    DialogAEDS 7208960
    DialogColumn 6946816
    DialogGroupHasTree 4915200
    DialogCountryHoliday 4456448
    DialogScript 3604480
    QBMXUser 3211264
    DialogTableGroupRight 3080192
    sqlite_autoindex_JobRunParameter_1 2883584
    DialogStateHoliday 2818048
    DialogTree 2621440
    DialogImage 2293760

    There are multiple issues from my point of view:

    1. the first time when the index is created the database is ~ 3 GB. The next time when I open the Designer.exe and the index is generated it takes the same amount of time as the first time. This makes not sense, because the index was created before and exists, probably it is not current, but still an index of 99.9% accuracy.

    2. If I am in the Desinger.exe and the index was created, and I update the index it runs very fast to create an update of the index. So I cannot understand, why the index needs to be fully recreated after the restart of the designer.



  • We work on a better solution for this behavior.

    The internal ticket number is #456450.