One Identity Manager 9.0 LTS: How can i disable or hide a Text field "CustomerAttribute" and the corresponding label in web web portal (IT shop web interface) based on the value of the IsExternal column in the Person table?

How to decrypt password in  column Password from Table [dbo].[DialogUser]  Example Password: P|E|rnVe3LAWvtorYihmySW0gR/F|KfaJNEDpiExbJ5JuQ5w2oGgBlvbWxhL4OidRKAlbpNcjRyQajD5wncOuylxuEbvAfX5IP4igJz5+nesv

I used this  Persmission script in Designer tool  but it don't seem to work all the time.

If $FK(CCC_UID_Tennant).CCC_UID_Domain$ <> "" Then
Value = False
Value = True
End If