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Windows 10 Hangs on restart

Dell 3646-Inspiron  updated from Win8.1 to Win10

Will not do a restart/boot after 1 normal Shut Down, Hangs at Dell logo, no keyboard Function or anything, Power indicator remains on.  No Post codes because it doesn’t try to Post. Have to do a Forced power off than it will boot. Normal power on boot ups work fine.

 If you do a F2 go into setup, make no changes just save/exit and boot, you can do restarts all day long. Until you do (1) normal shut down and startup, then restart will not work. Until you do (1) normal shut down and startup, Then restart will not work.

 Update Bios, cleared CMOS, Ran all dells diagnostic and no issues were found and etc.

Even disabled fast shut down/fast start and it made no difference.

Last Test, did clean install of Windows 10 from ISO DVD, no other programs installed.

After boot up did a couple of restarts and then did (1) normal shut down and power on startup, Then 1 restart which failed to restart.


Observed Boot sequence

1. Normal start screen lightens and key board indicators light for 3 or 4 seconds

2. Then circle dell logo appears, 4 or 5 seconds.

3.  After that Key board indicators turn off and Dot Pinwheel starts (This is Post Time).

4. Than screen goes blank for many seconds, and windows startup with welcome + Dot Pinwheel appears four may seconds until

5. Your desk top appears, additional boot up continues in background for a minute or so. You may get pop up message if various apps didn’t get started fast enough.

 When restart doesn’t work, restart shutdown screen appears (Similar to normal shutdown screen), Screen etc. flickers as startup begins and it stops between steps 2 & 3 above.

(Believed to not even start Post, that’s why there are no beep or led error codes).

 Issue seems to have an association with System Service “POWER”.

With System Service “POWER” Disabled you can due normal Power up/Shout downs and restarts all day.

But you can’t access any of the power settings and the wireless adapter is disabled. So disabling System Service “POWER” is not an acceptable solution, but it may be some sort of clue.

 Something seems to be changing something associated with BIOS CMOS settings, when a normal shut down vs. a restart shutdown. Otherwise doing a Bios save/exit and boot wouldn’t make restart work until you down a normal shutdown. Don’t know how to figure out what’s being changed and why. 

 Has anyone else has reported this same issue?  Have any Ideas on what to try to fix it?

  • Have experienced the identical problem and have tried everything you describe. I have talked to Dell technical support for hours and Microsoft technical support as well.  Microsoft indicates it is a hardware problem and I should return to Windows 8.1.  Dell insists it is a problem with Windows 10, but still claims that the Inspiron 3646 is upgradable to Windows 10.  Windows 10 certainly runs well on this system, but having to deal with a freezing computer every time a restart is required is ridiculous.  It would be most helpful if anyone has a solution to this problem.

  • I don't think this is the correct forum for this issue - This forum is for the Dell One Identity Manager product, not hardware support.

  • Hey, so long story short I work at a PC repair place and a customer who bought this model from us upgraded to 10 then began to have this issue.
    I tried updating the BIOS, turning off fast boot, turning off sleep options and none of it worked.
    HOWEVER, I remember other customers having an issue with sleeping in 8 and 8.1 and the fix was changing from the Dell power setting to the recommended Balanced power setting, so I tried it and it restarts fine now!

  • On an Inspiron 3646 running Windows 10, the circle froze in the Dell logo on every Restart:  Power off and on worked fine.  Changing Power from a modified Balanced to High Performance solved the problem.

  • After trying every solution under the sun for the past 6 months with no success, this one actually works!  Thanks so much of posting this.  Brilliant.

  • I am far from a techy person....where do I do this - changing the power from balanced to high performance?  I am tired of having to do a hard shutdown with every startup.

  • The Windows 10 Start Menu, whether or not  you use Start10 or the standard Windows 10 Start button, has an entry called Settings.  Click it.

    Click System icon.

    Click Power & sleep from the left sidebar.

    Click Additional power settings, a link at the bottom of the main body of the window.

    Click the arrow to the extreme right of Show additional plans

    Click the fill the High performance circle with a black dot

    That is it.  There is no OK button.  It just gets done when you last clicked to get the black dot.