SAP HANA Integration

We have all of our SAP systems connected to Identity Manager 6.0. Means the BAPI is installed on every system.

Now we want to use SAP HANA technology as the database for the SAP systems.

Are there any experiance in this community with SAP HANA ?

Some of my questions:

  • Is Identity Manager able to manage directly SAP HANA users/permissions
  • How to connect?
  • Could we still use the standard BAPI for connecting a SAP system based on HANA?

Thanks a lot for any useful comment :-)

  • SAP HANA uses a separate identity store for the HANA database. This isnt linked to any of the other SAP systems and as such, accounts and permissions need to be created in HANA.

    HANA supports the use of the GUI, SAP IDM or direct SQL commands for user administration, which means it shouldnt be too hard to write a custom interface to connect to the HANA identity store using a SQL connection. This however wont be out of the box with the standard BAPI

    I havent actually tried this yet and have only started initial investigations (in an effort to replace SAP IDM) so would also be curious on the comments of others.

  • Hi,

    FYI we have just set up our own connector to SAP HANA based on UNS.B. Currently the complete sync is running and the user account and role assignment process will follow shortly.

    If anybody is intereseted in some details.... just ask :-)



  • Hi Wolfgang

    Could you shed some light on the internals of how you get connected to SAP HANA? Maybe you could share some script snippets.



  • That's exactly what has been utilized in the installation Wolfgang mentioned.



  • Hi,

    we implemented the HANA connector based on UNS.B. On our JobServer we have installed the HANA ODBC drivers and use this for the connection to the HANA DB. 

    On the HANA we have developed our own stored procedures which are responsible to generate/change/delete a user account, to assign / remove a role to/from a user. The synch is using defined HANA views to get all user / roles and user / role assignement. with this szenario we tried to seperate HANA from IAM releases which was only to some degree sucessfull.

    On issue you have to take care is that the HANA ODBC driver is heavily depending on the current release of the HANA system. We recognices some incompatibilities e.g. with HANA release 8 and HANA v9. so you always have to test.

    If you are interesed in we could share some dev docu or co a Lynch meeting (or something ...)



  • Hello,

    You can integrate also your HANA Databases in HCP into your ‘normal’ on-premise HANA user management tools. 

    No, HANA cannot be used as database for SAP IDM product, yet. As I got to know, advantages of HANA, such as column based and no stored procedures, is actually drawbacks for SAP IDM product.

    As mentioned in PAM, Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 are the supported databases for SAP IDM.

    However you can connect HANA to IDM as target system and create users and assign roles in HANA using IDM.