How to retrieve ProvisionedObj in the last workflow run from QC shell?


i'm provisioning user object from AD to RACF. As the title said, i need help with QCCommands to obtain the list of user object provisioned in the last workflow run. I tried with the command:

Get-QCSyncHistorySummaryRun -WorkflowName "RACF" | get-qcsynchistoryObjectCategory | where-object {$_.ObjectCategoryID -match "ProvisionedObj"}

but is not enough for my purposes. I need some sort of list (better if in DN format) of user just provisioned.

Hope someone can help.



  • I found the solution, the command i was looking for is:

    get-qcsynchistorysummaryrun -WorkflowName "RACF" -lastN 1 | get-qcsynchistoryObjectCategory | Where-Object {$_.ObjectCategoryID -match "ProvisionedObj"} | get-qcsynchistorydetails | % {"CN=" + $_.SrcObject.Name + "," + $_.SrcObject.ParentPath} | Out-File userlist.log

    Hope this can help someone.