• API: Problems with Search

    When calling portal/shop/serviceitems?..&search=, from time to time an error occurs that we cannot reproduce/explain

    You do not have permissions for this action. You must log in.
    Sie haben keine Berechtigung für diese Aktion. Melden Sie sich an.…

  • Chaining filters in the API

    Hello everyone,

    while using the standard API you can often input filters. Sadly I have only be able to use one filter per request. 

    E. g.: {{baseUrl}}/portal/person/all?PageSize=50&filter=[{"CompareOp":0,"Type":0,"ColumnName":"IsInActive","Value1"…

  • Issue with One Identity API: Unable to make pwo/order call with a "/" in the name

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently facing an issue with the One Identity API where I'm unable to successfully make a pwo/order API call when the name contains a slash (/). I've tried encoding the slash as %2F and even attempted double encoding it as %252F…

  • Issue with One Identity API: Unable to make pwo/order call with a "/" in the name

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently facing an issue with the One Identity API where I'm unable to successfully make a pwo/order API call when the name contains a slash (/). I've tried encoding the slash as %2F and even attempted double encoding it as %252F…

  • UID_FirmPartner filter in Portal API Person

    Is it possible to filter for the field UID_FirmPartner in API call /portal/admin/person (or similar) ?

    I want to retrieve all person with the same FirmPartner in web portal

    Thanks in advance,


  • Delete Org membership API doesn't work

    I'm trying to call the DELETE API on the endpoint /ApiServer/portal/roles/config/membership/Org/{UID_Org}/{UID_Person} and I receive a 200 OK response with the membership details, but the membership is not removed. Is it an API problem? Has anyone encountered…

  • Setting a base url when hosting behind a load balancer acting as proxy

    Hello OIM community,

    We are using One Identity 9.2 running as containers. We are hosting these containers behind a load balancer, with a different hostname. Our API server, APP server and JOB server are hosted behind this load balancer, with rules like…

  • Updating a person in a deferred fashion


    I am using Open Identity Manager 9.2 and would like to ask you how should I proceed with the use case where I need to create a deferred object instead of updating a Person on a Web Portal (PUT /portal/person/reports/interactive) report when updating…

  • PersonInOrg API miss in portal qerClient

    The method that calls the /portal/candidates/PersonInOrg endpoint (standard API) is not present in Agular Project's qerClient.

    There are methods for PeronInAERole, PersonInDepartment, PersonInProfitCenter... But PersonInOrg miss.

    In API Server --…

  • Powershell connector when a user is created


    I need to trigger 3 API calls (POST)  when a user is created. These calls are meant to assign a badge, computer, and phone to the user.

    In practice, I want to create a PowerShell connector that will run in the user creation process.

    How should this…

  • OneIM 9.1.1 - Create new form for companies (FirmPartner) creation on new Angular Web Portal.


    we need to create External Companies in OneIM 9.1.1 via a custom form on the new Angular Web Portal. We were looking for standard APIs for creating the FirmPartner object, but we found nothing. Is there any API/feature that we can use to create FirmPartner…

  • V2 Client

    Hi there!

    Is it possible to filter the data which i get from the typedClient.PersonAll.Get.Entity();
    To filter alls exteranl employes which are which are on the key entitiyData and then in the Columns.

  • IMOD-SE - Web Portal and Custom API doesn't show query result from view

    I developed a custom API that takes the data present from a view created on the database.

    A new page has been created on…
  • Swagger-UI Message "Could not render ue, see the console"


    we are testing first queries for the API server with version 9.1.1.
    We were able to add our company logo to the new portal using the KB article.

    With the Swagger UI doc we want to create and test more queries - but in the Swagger UI we get the following…

  • 401 Unauthorized response through API

    Hi everyone,

    This is my Powershell script to login:



    $authJson = ConvertTo-Json $bi -Depth 2

    $LoginRequest2 = Invoke…

  • Unsubscribe a request using REST API

    Hello group,

    I want to manage IT-Shop requests using the REST API (OIM Version 8.2)

    So far, I have managed to create a request with the API, but now I would like to cancel it but without success?

    Is this possible from the API?

    Any help would be apprecited…

  • API server on Docker doesn't accept incoming requests

    Hello One Identity Forum,

    We are attempting to deploy One Identity on linux-based Docker containers (running on Azure). We initially wanted to deploy the `app`, `api`, `job` and `dbagent` containers, but are struggling with the `api` container.

    We deploy…

  • Why do I always receive 401 Unauthorized when I try to use the APIs?

    I'm trying to use the default APIs in One Identity Manager 8.2.

    With PostMan, I'm trying to perform a GET request to the url https://[AppServerURLasFoundInTheDesigner]/AppServer/appserver/authmodules as described in the One Identity Manager 8.2 REST…

  • One Identity Manager 8.1.5 Unlock Active Directory Account via API

    I cannot find any documentation on how to do this. Trying to simply change the property to false does not work and I noticed in Manager there is a special task to unlock accounts. Is it possible to unlock a locked Active Directory Account via the API…

  • Web API Methods, how can i use?

    I was testing in my lab using web api methods on a user, and i couldn't access any web api methods, could you help me?

  • Adding an additional parameter to a webservice proxy generated code


    we have a stabile PowerShell synchronization project to an external API based target system which cowers majority of JML scenarios.

    The customer came up with a new functionality where IDM would have to perform a specific call so it would be best to…

  • Swagger API Documentation Failed to fetch

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to test the APIs in the Swagger API Documentation,

    and they all have the same response: TypeError: Failed to fetch.

    Anyone had the same kind of error?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Error message while searching for a user in the front end portal

    Hi Team,

    I am trying to open the PROD front end IT shop portal and try to search for the user and see what roles user is having and run the violation for the roles.

    When I start searching of the user in the front end, it keeps on loading and loading and…

  • Invoking script in composition API


    what is the right approach to invoke a script that's stored in the database within the Composition API? Does the API Server has any similar method for invoking scripts as the App Server has?

    Best regards

  • How to add additional column from different tables in RestAPI call

    In the API call we have an option to add additional columns for display in output, how should we refer a foreign attribute ? 

    For example I use a POST method to get person details, how to add a column from say department table ?