• Service Now Module

    Hi ,

    I'm trying to install new module (SCN) service now in DB as per the below thread. I am using one identity Manager version 8.0.2.


    Error occurs…

  • Custom column always showing a default value but

    Hi All,

    A Custom column always showing a default value for all objects in object browser and manager tool whereas in sql query showing correct values for that column.

    Please help to fix this issue and what could be the possible reason for that.


  • Grid filter behaviour inconsistent web designer

    Hi, In web desiner i have created a grid in which having five columns. When i apply filter on a column e.g City, then it is showing the filter result but when navigate to second page. Filter goes off and showing all results. Whereas it is working fine…
  • Delete custom process

    Hi, I have created a custom process but later on i have deleted the custom table which attach to that custom process. Now i am not able to find that custom process any where. Please help me to delete that custom process. Even i have searched in DialogProcess…
  • Define search criteria for employee assignment

    Hi, I have created a search mapping criteria like AdsAccount.EmployeeNumber -> Person.PreviousPersonnelNumber. Where PreviousPersonnelNumber is custom column which is multivalue column. The above matching search criteria getting failed cause it is not…
  • Multivalued column


    How to make a column in object browser as multivalued? There is a column which showing result in dropdownlist. How can i select multiple value from dropdown list for that column?

    Now i am able to select only one value from dropdown list.


  • Write permission denied for value "system user"


    While trying to import system configuration from one envirnoment to other through transporter tool. I am getting the error "Write permission denied for value "system user"


    Please advise on this.