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Define search criteria for employee assignment

Hi, I have created a search mapping criteria like AdsAccount.EmployeeNumber -> Person.PreviousPersonnelNumber. Where PreviousPersonnelNumber is custom column which is multivalue column. The above matching search criteria getting failed cause it is not compare the value multivalue column. So can you suggest me what need to make changes for comparing? Thanks in advance Regards, Raj
  • The search mapping criteria do not support comparing a single value property against the existence in a multi-value property.

    You need to create a customized mapping script for your mapping of AD users to persons for this use case.
  • Hi Markus,

    Thank you very much for response.

    Can you please help me to write the custom mapping script for that? What condtition need write in the script to match the condition?

    As there is already a out of boX maaping script like vi_personauto_ads.
  • First of all, the obvious question. Which version are you using?

    And honestly, I can point you in the right direction but my time does not permit me to write your script.

  • Hi Markus,

    I am using version 6.1.2.

    Just i need the logic and how can i linked a custom script for mapping search criteria.
  • First of all, the script that executes the mapping during a sync is called VI_PersonAuto_ADS in your case. The script is marked as being overridable, means you just have to copy the script. It will be marked as overrides for VI_PersonAuto_ADS. You can use the Designer for that.

    Then you have to adopt the script and provide your own custom mapping code that avoids the use of the graphical mapping search criteria as it does not support your use-case.