• Change language context for executetemplates

    Hi together,

    I have a script wich creates a personwantsorg object with all its attributes, this is all fine. There is an attribute which is called "DisplayObjectKeyAssignment" this one references the connected objects of the order request. Those connected…

  • CSV export in a custom process


    I want to create a custom process based on a daily schedule. This process is based on a SQL Query, i want the results of the SQL Query exported in a CSV file and then send by mail. 

    My question is : should i creat a script that generate a CSV file…

  • Unable to Encrypt configuration parameter.

    Hi All,

    I am creating a new configuration parameter to save an account password, but I am not able to enable the Encrypted check box present for the configuration parameter. The database encryption is also on.

    we are using version 8.2 and launching the…

  • Migrate data from Language Editor (9.1)

    Hi everyone,

    We have prepared the translation in Desiner- Language Editor to local language on Test environment. Now there is a need to transfer all done work to Production environment. Is there any way to export data from test and import to production…

  • Contractor To permanent Employee

    Hi All,

    I have one scenario in which I have to write a code for  contractor who are getting promoted to employee in a company for this i have to check whether the Employee ID of the contractor and the newly created employee record  are same.

    If they are…

  • How to assign automatically Distribution Groups


    I have to assign automatically Azure AD distribution groups to some accounts if they have the mailbox enabled and also depending of their location.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you,


  • How to schedule a job to run hourly except a particular interval

    How to schedule a job to run hourly except a particular interval ?

    I tried it in Designer > Edit Schedule, but there is no such option to put exception interval.

    Checked both in OIM Version 8.1.5 and 9.1.1

  • Update Script for a value column in Person Table

    I wanna add a modification to a script used for calculating the CCC_Direction value in the Person table. CCC_Direction corresponds to the Direction to which the person is attached calculated based on DepartmentName column in the Department table as shown…

  • next steps in the process are being executed even if the step is marked as stop on error

    Hi All,

    In one of the custom process we have a script execution step on which "Stop on Error" is checked. But we are observing that the next steps below the frozen process step are being executed. 

    Ideally, the process should stop on error when…

  • How to run powershell script from designer script in one identity manager version 8.2.1

    Hi All,

    Can anyone please suggest a way in which we can pass decrypted password to powershell script while using Powershell ScriptExe process task ?

    We have tried to decrypt the encrypted password in this parameter but the decryption doesn't work here…

  • Designer Test Script dropdown resize?


    In OIM 9 (9.1.1), the Designer's Test Script window's list of scripts dropdown is a lot smaller than in previous versions 8 (8.1.4)... is there a way to resize or revert that dropdown again so we can actually read the names? Or is this a bug?…

  • Unable to Edit Post Template


    We have just made upgrade One Identity Manager version from 8.1 to 9.1. We can not edit mail templates in Designer. While we were wanting to edit mail template, we face the error like below;

    Could not file or assembly 'DevExporess.Pdf.v19.2 Core…

  • Designer: how to execute a custom script once

    Hello everyone

    I haver developed a custom script in Designer. It updates certain attribute of the the users in Active Directory. It is a script designed to be executed once. I have compiled it and when I test the script it does not update the attribute…

  • OOTB Mail Processes in PersonWantsOrg Table Not Working Properly

    Hello All,

    We are facing issue for Mail related process in Identity Manager version 8.2 . OOTB processes "VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg send mail when step granted" and "VI_ESS_PersonWantsOrg send mail when step not granted" are not getting triggered…

  • What is the Reason for EBSUser responsibility validTo date being set.

    Hi Team, 

    We are observing the following behavior in EBSUser responsibility table. 

    When the EBS sync is being run we have seen for some users the EBS user responsibility ValidTo date in EBSUserInResp table is being set and that is triggering De provisioning…

  • How to capture the return value of a PowerShell command in a Designer custom process step?

    Hi Team,

    Can anyone share with me the example to capture the return value of a PowerShell script command being executed in a Designer custom process step?

    Currently, I am using PowerShellComponent - Execute Script process task to execute the PowerShell…

  • Vb Script Editor in V8.2.1 without Intellisense


    We have upgraded from v8.1.3 to v8.2.1 and since then we miss the IntelliSense function in VB.Script Editor.



    If I type String. , there is no picker that shows all methods of String…

  • How to set the ExitDate manually


    I need to change the ExitDate value into the Designer, how can I set it to a specific value? For exemple, when a user is created on the web portal I want to set the ExitDate as default at 2999-1-1.

    Thank you,


  • How to select internal manager only?


    I have to configure a template that allows me to select just an internal manager when I'm creating an user through One Identity Manager, so an user's manager cannot be external. This is the template I wrote but it still allows me to insert an…

  • How to configure an attribute based on how the user is created?

    I have to configure a template where the ImportSource attribute has a value if the creation of a user comes from CSV, otherwise it has another value assuming the creation of the user comes from the user portal.
    How can I distinguish these two cases…

  • How to have different deferred deletions durations for different UNSAccountB Types


    Using 8.2.0 on OnDemand environment.

    We have to different custom target systems let's say A and B. For each of those target systems we have an account definition. And users get the UNSAccountB via dynamic roles. 

    When a user becomesInactive (ie…

  • 810222 - Error executing script due to a null reference

    Hi all,

    I have a simple process, linked to JobAutoStart table that executes a simple script.

    I've created this process in development environment and everything works fine.

    The problems are coming out while porting the same configuration in production…

  • Web API Methods, how can i use?

    I was testing in my lab using web api methods on a user, and i couldn't access any web api methods, could you help me?

  • [813020] Component cannot be executed because required parameter 'ConnectionString, ConnectionProvider' are missing.

    Hi All,

    In DEVELOPMENT environment we are not able to see parameters for many of the OOTB processes and seems like none of the OOTB processes are working.

    All process steps are red in color.

    OOTB process steps with script components are missing the values…

  • Error on consistency data

    Hi to all,

    I'm having a problem during the consistency, this is the error text the version is 8.0

    The compulsory fields for object 'CCC-T-EXPORTPLUS_IAM_SEDI - DES_SEDE' in table 'DialogColumn' are either empty or have too few characters.…