• Data not loading in collection.

    Hello All,

    I am facing situation where data in collection is not loading.

    Logged in user has application role CCC_TargetsystemReadOnly which has all requied permissions on table.

    I have collection and this collection is bound to grid and data is loded…

  • Unable to insert record in PersonWantsOrg table via. a custom script

    Hi All,

    Our Dell one identity current version is 7.1.3.

    I have a sync process that pulls data from anther database to one identity database. During this it inserts a records in PersonWantsOrg table. unfortunately, it is failing to insert a record and…

  • Data Import script

    Hi all,

    I have a question I would be glad if you can help me with it, I have a process that has as a process task ScriptComponent  - DataImport that I need to modify in order it allows me to read a value from the CSV file and store it in a list that will…

  • Error during execution of 'CheckValues' in logic module 'VI.Common.Customizer.PwdpolicycolumnEntityLogic'

    Hi All ,

    We are getting the below mentioned error in the 'Insert' SAP user step of process SAP_PersonHasTSBAccountDef_Autocreate_SAPUser .(Identity Manager version - 8.1.2)

    Error during execution of 'CheckValues'  in logic module 'VI.Common…

  • SampleCustomizer on Table


    In the 'Desiner' in the 'Schema Editor' on the table in the 'Customizer' tab, you can assign your own classes (dll).
    I found an example of SampleCustomizer.cs that tells how to implement 'Customizer'.
    My question is…

  • Changing Hostname of a JobServer in the Designer

    I have a scenario where I have two job servers (one active and one is passive state), both are configured with similar machine roles, both are in different data centers.

    Currently I want to failover my primary job server to the passive one by changing…

  • Could not create a single object for table ADSAccount?

    Hi All,

    I have few process that run on ADSAccount table and whenever that gets run for creating a record in Active directory this process in job queue is being frozen and not successfully executed and the error it throws in "Could not create a single…

  • How to get current date in email templates in designer?

    Hi All,

    I have created some email templates in Designer tool under Mail Templates section. one thing that is bothering me is how to get the DATE populated dynamically in the email templates so that the user will be seeing the date in the email when it receives…

  • Not Able to delete Outstanding Object from AADUser because of O3EmailUser table object reference IM 8.0.2

    I have created a Process which calls method 'DeleteOutstanding'   for some selected objects of AADuser table which are having Xmarkedfordeletion=2 (Outstanding).

    These objects also have a reference in O3EmailUser table. Not sure why but system throws…

  • Read Only permission group

    Hi all,

    We have a requirement of providing read only access to certain tables and columns on the manager tool,

    so i searched for that and found that we can achieve this through permissions groups that need to be assigned to System user or application roles…

  • Cancel IT Shop Order are not working from the Script Component

    Dear All,

    We are trying to abort or Unsubscribe IT Shop orders for a given SAP Account. Attached my code, it is working fine when i test the script directly calling from Script Debugger but it is not working when we call same script with same attributes…

  • PWO Status Assigned but not applied yet in Web Poral

    Dear All,

    As i remember in Version 6 there is a status saying product is "Assigned but not applied yet" in the Target system. In our scenario (version 8), we are requesting for new SAP Roles using the portal. The status changed to Assigned immediately…

  • Password containing mail sent to group mailbox instead of person mail

    Hello people,

    we have an use case where after creation of service account password credentials is shared to requester but for few mail is sent to group mailbox which was set up in config param.

    We suspect this issue is  happening because of match pattern…

  • What all permissions are required to display custom columns in custom table in web portal?


    I want to display custom table columns in web portal. I tried adding various permission group and role based permission group to the table but its not working. Please suggest how to achieve this. Thank you.

  • Person table how to capture records deletes

    Requirement : - I need to capture events related to delete events in Person table

    Solution adapted : I set a designer process with delete event.


    when I tried to delete through Manager  a record the process is not getting deleted

    But when I tried…

  • How we can fetch UTC time in Designer?

    How to fetch UTC time in designer- process

    I need to populate XdateInserted with UTC time instead of local time. Is there a way to do that?

  • How can a archive data from a table to history db which are X days old

    How can a archive data from a table  to history db (different server)   which are X days old ?

  • DialognextId is there a way to reset the nextID

    I have a requirement to have the sequence number from 1 to 10000 once it reaches 10000    this value NextID should be reset back to 1. I tried using designer process to reset the value it is giving permission denied error.

    Is there a way to reset the limit…

  • Can'tset the istowatch =true for PWODecisionHistory record as this record is disabled for istowatch attribute


    Currently in the dialogCoulmn table we can't set the istowatch =true for PWODecisionHistory record as this disabled. How to enable istowatch = true? Any reason why this field is disabled?

  • How to encrypt a column via process

    Hi, we have one custom column created with schema extension and it needs encrypted value. When I am passing value from front end i.e ITshop, it is storing this value in plain text. I tried using "encrypted" option in parameter but its not working. How…

  • Implementing One Identity Defender to Identity Manager

    Hello everybody,

    I am trying to implement two-factor authentication by using One Identity Defender to ITShop and AppServer portals and then later to Manager and Designer apps. 

    For the web portals, I tried using the ISAPI Agent that One Identity provides…

  • How to get value which has type "Double" and the value has 2 or 3 digits after decimal from a database?


    I am using COnnection.GetSingleProperty to read the value of "RiskIndex" from "AERole" table and the risk index is "0.01". Connection.GetSingleProperty as Double returns 0 instead of 0.01. How to handle this?

  • Getting error "This employee is not authorized to make approvals"in "MakeDecision" method.



    my use case has approval workflow as below

    1. It is one level approval and has two approval steps.

    a. first step is "BS": back to requester

    b. second is "EX": external approval. External approval calls custom process and this custom process…

  • How to implement sequential processing for process task/process component?



    I want the process task "Send Mail" to execute sequentially and not in parallel. For e.g 100 jobs came in job queue for sending mail at a time so right now One IM executes this job in parallel. But I want it to be done in sequence. I checked…