Condition for template (trigger only if the SYNC is finished)


I would like to know if it's possible to set a condition in a template so that the template triggers only after the sync is complete.

Let me explain the use case:
We have a sync project for SAP SuccessFactors where we perform an initial sync with 2 workflow steps:

  • one where we insert identities
  • the other where we update all identities for a custom field that is a boolean flag (indicating whether an identity is primary or not).

Unfortunately, we have to perform 2 steps because the custom boolean field is in another table in the target system.

I would like the template for this custom field to activate only when the ENTIRE sync is finished and his value has changed.

So it shouldn't activate while the update step is in progress, or it risks finding identities that haven't had the field modified yet.

Can you help me on this?

Thank you,


  • Hi Elena,

    'Just' a template is not going to work here. The template being kicked off is independent of the state of other (unrelated) objects at that moment. I.e. if one of the fields which would trigger the template is updated the template is executed, regardless of whether a process is still running.

    What you could consider is adding a step to the SAP sync project (at the end of the process) which executes this template for all identities.

    That way you'll know the sync has finished, at which point you can (and by the sound of it want to?) recalculate the template for all identities.