• How to create single DB object of the table which has two primary keys

    I am trying to create a single DB object of the table "PersonHasQERResource" as I want to update the custom attributes in the table for 1 record. How should I create the DB object in this case? Please help

  • process orchestration loop

    Hi, I have a question regarding process orchestration. I want to send email notifications to different administrators based on the access resource a user has. So In the process orchestration instead of creating individual step-blocks like:

    if user has…

  • Delete custom process

    Hi, I have created a custom process but later on i have deleted the custom table which attach to that custom process. Now i am not able to find that custom process any where. Please help me to delete that custom process. Even i have searched in DialogProcess…
  • Define search criteria for employee assignment

    Hi, I have created a search mapping criteria like AdsAccount.EmployeeNumber -> Person.PreviousPersonnelNumber. Where PreviousPersonnelNumber is custom column which is multivalue column. The above matching search criteria getting failed cause it is not…
  • Scheduled task not running


    A scheduled report has stopped running. It is scheduled to run on the 1st day of the month to email report of all new users. It last ran successfully on Dec 1 2016. It is enabled and set to run on a monthly basis with 1 as the frequency at 9 UTC. 

  • RE: Users with certain role or job title can create users in D1IM Web portal


    OOTB Manager can do that.

    For others you need permissions for INSTERT in Designer and then adjust the configuration key "Employees authorized to add and edit employees" in Web Designer, which is currently empty.


  • RE: UserRegistration - how to get Country and State list ?


    you need special permissions for that.
    This data is considered as confidential and we don't expose that to unauthorized users.


  • RE: Customize field in a form

    Hi Michel,

    the easiest way would be done throug Designer (not Web Designer).


  • Designer > Person table did not auto-fill after full AD Sync

    I am back again with yet another question. This site has been quite useful!

    Okay, so now that my development lab is coming along, I was able to get an AD Full Sync to work on our domain. Unfortunately, the Base Config>Target System>ADS>PersonAutoFullSync…

  • Script: delete a business role with its assignment resource


    With this script, I try to delete a business role and the associated assignement resource.

    The script works fine but I am not sure to use the best way to do this.

    For exemple, I can not manage to directly get an object from database (I extract all…

  • 6.1.1 Web Designer pop up not closing

    Hi All,

    I am having a weird problem. I recently upgraded to 6.1.1. In webdesigner, I am previewing web project and the pop up doesn't close. This is true even with vi_ standardweb. I attached a screen shot to show how obvious is what I am doing. I can…

  • Import of a transport failing

    Hi All,

    I am running into a weird issue. I made changes to some files on Web Designer which were previosuly saved using a different label. When I tried to save to a new label, I got a pop up asking if I would like to delete the file from the previous label…

  • How to make the web interface responding to multiple URLs


    I encounter some difficulty about  the URL configuration on the Identity Manager web application.
    I already configured the Identity Manager to respond to a specific URL. For that, we configured both the web.conf configuration file and the application…

  • IT-Shop Dummy Employees

    Dear all,

    I would like to know if it is possible, and if yes how should I proceed in order hide the dummy employees from the selection form in the IT-Shop?
    I've looked into the webdesigner but did not find anything on the subject.

    Thanks in advance…

  • D1IM 7.0.1 Designer Login Issue - DbKey Error

    Hi All,

    We're having issues logging into Designer after a fresh install of D1IM 7.0.1. We can login to all the other tools including Manager and Launchpad. We receive the following error when we try to log in to Designer:


    Could not get value DbKey…