Error on consistency data

Hi to all,

I'm having a problem during the consistency, this is the error text the version is 8.0

The compulsory fields for object 'CCC-T-EXPORTPLUS_IAM_SEDI - DES_SEDE' in table 'DialogColumn' are either empty or have too few characters.
Column 'Display name' is either empty or has insufficient data for object 'CCC-T-EXPORTPLUS_IAM_SEDI - DES_SEDE' from table 'DialogColumn'.

even if I go to do a search query I can't find this field, the one that comes closest is DisplayName (without spaces compared to the error), I also tried to update this field but the error persists. can you tell me a solution or a query to locate the field?
thank you

  • Hi,

    the column displayed in the error text is "Caption" of "DialogColumn". Find the field like this:

    select *
    from DialogColumn
    where Caption = 'Display name'

    There will be multiple matches for DisplayName.

    Having problems with analysing ConsistencyCheck errors I usually use the SQL query from "QBMConsistencyCheck" directly.

    Like this:

    select SQLCheck
    from QBMConsistencyCheck
    where IdentQBMConsistencyCheck like '%<Name of CC-Error>%'