• Write JSON object in a column using the REST API

    I need to store an entire JSON object in column named ccc_jsoncontent with type nvarchar(max) on a custom table using the REST API

    For that i trigger a POST request to /api/entity/<tablename> with this body:

    "values": { 


  • Why JSON is more important then XML

    Hello Everyone, I am just checking the comparison between JSON and XML, I have checked some blogs they said JSON is better them XML for data transfer. Can I know this is only one reason for JSON is better than XML? Can anyone tell me?

  • How to send the right script return value so the reformatted JSON appears correctly?


    I'm having trouble with how my output looks in my data for the script I've created. I've created the script in a way where the output is a String that is precisely aligned to JSON format (using the Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject format). However…