• HistoryDB / Job Chain "VI_SourceDatabase_Import " runs on Frozen


    We use version 8.0.3 in our test environment. We use two SQL servers - one for the main database and one for the history DB.

    We have set up historization to the extent that it should work. The connection between the two SQL servers is also available…

  • History DB / How to configure HDB to use more than one database for history


    we ask ourselves, how do we progress in the following question - how to configure the history db to use more than one database. 

    Our goal is to build a history db for every year.  

    • HDB1 for 2019
    • HDB2 for 2020
    • HDB3 for 2021

    In the end there should…

  • History database


    Is there any other documentation on how to review change properties and see change history in the History Database?

    I also don't understand the documentation how to get the time trace to be view from manager from the main database.

    Thank you…

  • Not data on HDB Manager

    Hello everyone,


    We've installed the History database. We can export data from main database and after, import it to History database. We see records on Historyjobs, DialogWatchOperation tables...



    The problem is that we can not see nothing on HDB…

  • History DB

    Hello everyone,

    Im installing the HistoryDB and Im having some issues...

    We have followed the administration guide, we have more than 300k registers ready to export (JobHistory and DialgWatchOperation tables ).  The configuration that we have followed on…