History DB / How to configure HDB to use more than one database for history


we ask ourselves, how do we progress in the following question - how to configure the history db to use more than one database. 

Our goal is to build a history db for every year.  

  • HDB1 for 2019
  • HDB2 for 2020
  • HDB3 for 2021

In the end there should be a total of 10 databases.

Is it only necessary to announce the new database in the system or is there more to configure?

Thank you for any help, we could not read anything in the documentation.

Kind regards,

  •  Based on what you have proposed you would need to run the configuration wizard on the history database host to create the new history database. Then do the same thing every year.  You should also add the History Database as a time trace database to the source Identity Manager database, this will allow you to see the history within Manager using the time trace function.