• How to open link in a new browser window password reset portal

    Hi all,

    When I log in with the admin portal in configuration, I can enter the URL for the password reset portal. I want it to open in a new tab when I click on this URL, but it's not happening. Could you help me with this subject

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  • API server - change app server URL


    Is there a way to add or change appserver URL in apiserver configuration after the first setup?



  • Configuration and Permissions for new Angular based Web Portal (IT Shop)


    we are currently testing first steps towards the new Angular Web with version 9.1.1.
    Now there seems to be still 2 points where we have not yet read properly from the documentation how to do the respective configuration/settings.

    1) Where or how…

  • Parameter "QER\Attestation\MailTemplateIdents\RequestApproverByCollection"

    Hi, I configured 3 Attestations: 1)  for SAP Users 2) for AD Users 3) for Third Party Users I'm using "QER\Attestation\MailTemplateIdents\RequestApproverByCollection" to send only one e-mail to the approver. My question is there a way to have multiple e…

  • Load balancer and DB status check

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running One Identity Manager 8.1.5 in an environment with two web servers connected via load balancer. I know I can use the monitor or the Web Portal URL in order to make an health check for the server but I would like to ask if there…

  • How to set up just one CSM connector as Authoritative source?

    Hello all, 

    We have various connectors that use the CSM configuration, some starling connectors (Salesforce and SuccessFactors ECP) and some custom target system connected throguh SCIM. These connectors are not authoritative sources, so the PersonAutoFullSync…

  • Web Portal - AD Authentication for employees

    Dear fellow experts,

    Just need some pointers for my use case and I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have Employees (Person Objects) who have ADSAccount linked to them. I would like them to authenticate to the Web Portal using…

  • How do i add a custom field and map it to HR Feed?

    Hello Experts,

    So i have a need to add a field to identify employees that are considered "REMOTE".  Currently we don't have a way to identify them.  We receive a field in our HR feed that identifies them as 1=Yes, 0=No for remote user.  This…

  • HistoryDB / DBQueue does not process any entries

    Hi ,
    after the first problem has been solved, historization does not seem to be going smoothly. We are using version 8.0.3. 

    If we start the schedule "Import process information directly" manually, the job "VI_SourceDatabase_Import" is set…

  • History DB / How to configure HDB to use more than one database for history


    we ask ourselves, how do we progress in the following question - how to configure the history db to use more than one database. 

    Our goal is to build a history db for every year.  

    • HDB1 for 2019
    • HDB2 for 2020
    • HDB3 for 2021

    In the end there should…

  • Recommendations please...

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for good tutorials / documentation on provisioning / approvals. Training is on the horizon, but I need something to get me through the short term.



  • Migrating OneIM DB for upgrade to 8.1

    Hi All, 

    I am working with a customer to upgrade their installation to 8.1 (from 7.1.2).  To do so SQL had to be upgraded to 2016 and they chose to create a new server and migrate teh DB. 

    Now the DB is on the new host, we are able to connect, and need…

  • Is there a way to Limit OneIM to use only Child Domain for GC Query instead of Parent?

    Hello Experts,

    We have been having a weird issue with our OneIM version 8.0.1.  We have multiple domains and 2 of the 3 domains are working with no errors.  One of the Domain we have is having all kinds of issues.  The difference is the 2 working domains…

  • New Configuration Parameter in V8 now forces a compile needed?


    We've noticed in version 8 (8.0.2) that adding a new configuration parameter initiates a DB compile required, whereas version 7 did not.  Is there a way to disable this?


  • Schema extension of AccProductParameter in Manager UI

    We did a schema extension on the table AccProductParameter, column CCC_IsPassword, which basically controls the way how the field appears on the web, bullets or not.

    Unfortunately it's not automatically showing up in Manager UI where we set up the properties…

  • Got no DNS resolution querying gc._msdcs.RooTDOMAIN.COM.

    Hey All,

    We have run in to this issue and can't seem to find any support.  We are able to create groups, create users from OneIM to AD but when we try to provision group memberships for users, it returns an error 

    2018-07-23 00:37:54.6515 INFO (ObjectLog…

  • Mass Prohibit Modification for Employees custom property 1 field


      I know that I am able to prohibit editing for an individual master record by right-clicking my mouse and selecting 'prohibit modification'.  I am searching for a way on the table level to lock the [Person].[CustomProperty01] to all existing…

  • Designer - SQL Database Import not Updating UNSAccountB


    I eluded to this question in a previous post and despite my best efforts, I can't find a solution yet. So here is the situation, one of the applications we are attesting to runs off an MS SQL Database and our DBAs have basically given the Quest…

  • Declaring the HistoryDb

    I have been looking into configuring an archiving solution for our Q1IM 6.0.2 implementation to aid in the rapidly expanding history information that is filling the database.  Currently our jobhistory table has surpassed 10 million rows and I believe it…