• REST API xml data instead json


    1IM 8.1.2

    I need call rest api methods with xml data instead json. 

    How can I do it? 

  • Powershell Connector ListingCommand

    Is there any way to import objects using the Powershell connector with just the ListingCommand and not the full CommandSequence? The API I am connecting to have one command to list all data from all users and one command to list all data from a specific…

  • Field of custom database view not visible in REST API results


    We are planning to use a view to provide interface for reading data over REST API. We configured a mockup-view and set permissions and it's possibly to query the view over the REST API, but it only returns the uid_person column. If we include any…

  • How to send the right script return value so the reformatted JSON appears correctly?


    I'm having trouble with how my output looks in my data for the script I've created. I've created the script in a way where the output is a String that is precisely aligned to JSON format (using the Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject format). However…

  • Vintela 3.3 and REST-services


    I am in a project and try to integrate the Vintela-Framework, which is the standard at our customer site. The authentication of the user works fine, we are retrieving the user data and the roles the user is assigned to, but we are not able to protect…

  • Not getting any output using python, but using Postman i am getting the output

    Calling a Dell one web service,

    Using POSTMAN, first i used POST to get the session ID, second GET to get the output response.


    1) POST:

    import requests
    url = "">192.168.**.*/.../apphost"
    payload = "{\"authString\":\"Module…
  • 1IM 8.0 calling scripts with REST does not work

    Hi there,

    I try to make a CCC_someName script  run with REST. I can make a CCC_HelloWorld with 0 parameters run but not one with one or more input parameters.

    This is how it should work:

    And this is what I do:

    The logfile always tell me the number of…

  • Issues calling script using REST api

    Hey everyone,
    I am trying to run a PowerShell script which calls a customer One Identity Script leveraging the REST api. One Identity V7.1.2 is used. At the variable $newUri the PowerShell script throws out an Authorization Issue:

    --Setting authentication…

  • Interface Identity Manager with a TARGET system (Zscaler) that currently only supports a REST API?

    We would like to connect OneIdentity Identity Manager to Zscaler (a Content filter solution for Internet access as SaaS; if you like a cloud-based service).

    Zscaler has announced to offer an SCIM 2.0 compliant interface earliest in 2018. Until so far they…

  • Calling Scripts via Application Server RESTful API using Common_StartScripts permission not working


    We are trying to call a custom script via the Application Server RESTful API. 

    We have made sure that the user who does this has an application role assigned which has the permission group Common_StartScripts. 
    This application role also has the permissions…

  • How to use OAuth 2.0 with Application Server via RESTful API


    Currently we have an application that communicates with the 1IM system via the RESTful API provided by the application server. This communication is currently done via the RoleBasedEmployee Authentication Module. 

    We are looking into changing this…