• The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

    Hi all,

    I have an issue with the Rest API call where I need to provide the certificate (it is the authentication API). I have checked this and other forums, but I can not solve the issue  I was able to establish the connection in the Synchronization Editor…

  • one identity IDM rest API to detach AD account from IDM record

    Dear Sirs

    May someone provide an example of REST API to detach an existing AD account from IDM record, your helps are greatly appreciated

    B Regards


  • Identity Manager IT SHOP integrated with REST API

    How can I create a product request in Identity Manager IT Shop using the REST API?

    I realy need to insert in all tables that are related with ITShop cart and PWO?

    Anyone has a script that help me to find a way to solve this problem?

  • REST-API with ADS user account as Authentication Module --> 401 Unauthorized


    we use the One Identity Manager version 8.0.5.

    We have a first use case that involves using the REST API. In our development and test environment, the REST calls work using the system user as authentication method.
    In production, however, the ADS…

  • Application server is sending RST,ACK packet when API is called from IBM Data Power appliance

    Hi, We are working on version 8.1.3 and we are able to call the REST API from Postman but when we are trying to call it from IBM Data Power appliance, application server is sending RST,ACK packet in response. We do not see any hit from this appliance…

  • Unable to call script API via non system user

    Version - 8.1.3
    Our objective is to call custom script via API from a user with auth module RoleBasedPerson.
    we have done the following steps-
    1) created a program function and assigned our custom script to it.
    2) created a rolebased permission group and…