• SAP User field Ltime <---> LASTLOGON not synchronized


    I have a question about Synchronization progect for SAP R/3. Last Logon info is not imported automatically during the synchronization of all users. For some Users it is updated but not for everyone. If I trigger the read process for this SAP users…

  • BAPI interface installation at SAP application side to connect OneIM SAP R/3 connector

    Do we need to install 'SAPRole.zp' transport package as well along with 'SAPRepository.zip','SAPTable.zip' and 'SAPTRANSPORT_70.ZIP' to set up BAPI integration at SAP application side?

    What should be correct sequence if…


    Мы используем V8.2 для подключения к SAP R/3. При тестировании соединителя мы получили эту ошибку
    [SAP.Middleware.Connector.RfcAbapException] OPTION_NOT_VALID

    Компоненты .NET SAP установлены.

  • Questions about messages from the SAP Synchronization Log


    we are still using version 8.0.5

    During a review of the logs of the synchronization with SAP R/3 we noticed strange messages

    #1 SAPTitle
    we have no influence on the Titles in SAP and can't make sense of this message yet

    [810391] Error flushing…

  • SAP R/3 authorization objects synch error 'End mark RFCID.TableCompr'

    Am getting below error while synching SAP authorization objects.

    "[1777124] Error executing projection step (objectHasField) of projection configuration (Initial Synchronization (Initial Synchronization)).
    [1777219] Error executing synchronization…