• Two Cloud Access Manager on one SQL Instancecloud


    We need to install 2 CAM and we would like to know if is it possible to install them on the same SQL instance but in a different DB.


  • Multiple Redirect URI for an app in Cloud Access manager OpenID Connect/ oAuth 2.0 SettingsOpen


    We are trying to setup an app in CAM for authentication from an angular APP using OpenID Connect oAuth 2.0

    It works to receive access token and id_token. But we need additional functionality to refresh tokens(access, id_token) silently with no prompt…

  • Static Multi value in Cloud Access Manager


    We are configuring the SSO for an application and we want to send a static multi-valued attribute in our response. Is it possible?

  • Disaster Recovery - CAM

    Is there a way to log ship databases from Production SQL to Disaster Recovery SQL without reinstallation? Is there a way to change the connections without a reinstall? What are best practices for Disaster Recovery? The disaster recovery environment is…

  • group membership in CAM - authorization

     Hi Team,

    I would like to know if below requirement is achievable is CAM -

    Authorization to different ServiceProvider instances needs to be provided by creating Group memberships in CAM.

    Is it possible get user/group segregation based on attributes coming…

  • Cloud Access Manager Application Privileges by OU?


    I'm looking to verify that there is not a way to set application access privileges in CAM by OU placement, as opposed, or in addition to, Roles.

    Thank you,

    Kyle Wash

  • RE: Dell one Identity Manager integration with Cloud Access manager


    Dell One Identity Manager does not support the SAML authentication scheme but you can use the OAuth authenticator of D1IM in combination with Dell One Cloud Access Manager 8.1.

  • 2 STS and 2 Proxy server in Cloud Access manager

    Hello Experts,

    I have built the 2 STS and 2 proxy setup for the Cloud Access manager.

    First I have configured the another STS and tested,every thing works well.
    then I have configured the another proxy host by giving the details of the first STS host details…

  • Cloud Access manager is not authenticating the Dell one Identity manager url(No Error)

    Hello Experts,

    I have integrated Dell one Identity manager 7.0 web portal with Cloud access manager.

    User is not able to authenticate.


    1.Login to the Cloud access manager portal.

    2.Click on the dell one identity manager.

    3.User redirect to the…

  • Dell one Identity Manager integration with Cloud Access manager

    Hello Experts,

    We have a requirement where we want to integrate Dell one Cloud Access manager with Dell one identity manager. The customer does not want to use password wallet functionality, so Form-based and reverse proxy authentication schemes are ruled…

  • Form fill Authentication in Cloud Access manager

    Hi Experts,

    I have an application www.loginpage.com which contains userid,passowrd and submit button.

    After authentication It will redirect to the www.resultxyz.com

    .Can any one let me know how to do this.Any pointer is appreciated.


  • Application integration with Cloud Access Manager

    Hello Experts,

    I have an application which does not support WSDL,saml and does not have any authentication provider.
    i.e there is an application which is having its own stand alone database.

    How can we integrate such kind of application in Dell one Cloud…