• Two Cloud Access Manager on one SQL Instancecloud


    We need to install 2 CAM and we would like to know if is it possible to install them on the same SQL instance but in a different DB.


  • How to improve DB performance? Can we add index on DB?


    We have 55k users in One IM for which we are trying to provision AD accounts for these users. We have increased DB capacity to 16CPU/64GB and enabled the trace flag as well. And the staging level of DB is set to "Production". Still, the performance…

  • Import of a transport failing

    Hi All,

    I am running into a weird issue. I made changes to some files on Web Designer which were previosuly saved using a different label. When I tried to save to a new label, I got a pop up asking if I would like to delete the file from the previous label…

  • QuickConnect DB configuration


    Seeking your input for the below issue we are facing at a customer deployment:

    Quick Connect works fine when pointing to the SQL server instance. But when configured to point to a DB listener, the connection timesout within 5 - 7mins. No errors…

  • Scheduled import of new and updated users from DB into Q1IM

    Hi Experts

    I am trying to configure a process task where it automatically imports delta users (only those users created or updated after last import ) into D1IM at predefined schedule. For this, i created a new process orchestration task with dialog schedule…